Radio Controlled Aircraft

I was big into the hobby about 15-Years ago then got sidetracked, I've just joined the local Radio Flyuing Club & will start with scratch building a 60 sized sport model ..... just to see if I still have the skills.

Of course since I converted my LandRover to Electric I guess I should also convert my flying to electric, No more running noisy Glowplug engines in the backyard , I bet the Neighbours will love when I run up a Turbine ... he he !!

I always wanted to have a crack at Jets, the holy grail would be a VTOL Harrier with vectored thrust, I did dabble in VTOL & Vectored thrust way back before there were avionics to meet my requirement . Lets see what I can acheive now in this world of the VTOL drone !!

For now I've got nothing to show so heres some of my former Radio models .....

way back when ...

A couple of my designs that made it into Airborne magazine


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